Aya Shindo / 真道彩






1998年 個展「肖像の忘却(ジャン・ジュネ)」展/SKY DOOR(表参道・東京)
年 個展「NEO PUNK」展/EX’REALM(原宿・東京)

2007年 個展「縛め」展/Gallery80(表参道・東京)& Baby Doll(原宿・東京)

2008年 個展「インテルメッツォ - 間奏曲」Baby Doll(原宿・東京)

2009年 コラボレーション展「Aya Shindo×Harry C.Red Shoes - Dark BeautyGallery EXIT(中環・香港)&HARVEY NICHOLS(中環・香港)

2011年 コラボレーション展「Aya Shindo×Harry C./Dark Beauty - The Dream of A Queen」 ilivetomorrow(上環・香港)


Painter. Born 1969 in Tokyo, Japan. Spent her childhood, from the age of 4 to 6, in Austria with her family. While growing up, she learned how to paint from her father, who was a sculptor. In 1993, she graduated Fine Arts Course in Joshibi Collage of Art and Design, major in oil painting and printmaking.


Selected Exhibitions

1998   Solo exhibition “Oblivion of the Portrait - Jean Genet” at SKY DOOR

(Omotesando, Tokyo)

2005   Solo exhibition “NEO PUNK” at EX’REALM (Harajuku, Tokyo)

2007   Solo exhibition “Bind” at Gallery80 (Omotesando, Tokyo) & Baby Doll (Harajuku, Tokyo)

2008   Solo exhibition “Intermezzo” at Baby Doll (Harajuku, Tokyo)

2009   Collaborative exhibition “Aya Shindo×Harry C. / Red Shoes - Dark Beauty” at Gallery EXIT

   (Central, Hong Kong) & HARVEY NICHOLS (Central, Hong Kong)

2011  Collaborative exhibition “Aya Shindo×Harry C. / Dark Beauty - The Dream of A Queen” at ilivetomorrow (Central, Hong Kong)

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